Why Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray broke up

The couple dated for a few months with many calling the relationship a clout-chasing exercise

The couple has confirmed that they have broken up
Kennedy Rapudo with Amber Ray The couple has confirmed that they have broken up
Image: Instagram

Kenyan socialite Faith Makau, aka Amber Ray, declared on Wednesday that she was no longer seeing Kennedy Rapudo.

Amber Ray provided few specifics on why the couple had gone their separate ways.

She merely stated that their relationship was failing. A fan had enquired, “Are you still dating Kennedy?”


In her response, Amber stated that she was tired of pretending, adding that her fans would confuse her for a joker.

Amber urged her fans to appreciate her the way she is and avoid passing judgment.

"I know mahali imefika, I might look like a joker but manze, I don't know how to pretend. If it's not working, it is not working. So munipende tu vile niko."

The ex-couple had hinted a few weeks ago that they would be getting married
Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo The ex-couple had hinted a few weeks ago that they would be getting married
Image: Instagram

Kennedy revealed on Thursday night that he and Amber Ray were no longer together due to irreconcilable issues.

Despite their breakup, Kennedy Rapudo praised Amber Ray, noting that she has a wonderful heart and is a really good person.

He wrote;

"Life happens, right? Ideally speaking, we had structural differences but that doesn't change who she is. She is a very nice person with an amazing heart and a beautiful soul. Mine is to wish her happiness and God's favour wherever she goes."

The single mother and her ex-boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo were displaying their love on social media just a few weeks ago.

A few weeks after splitting up with her Sierra Leonean lover Kabba, Amber Ray began seeing Kennedy Rapudo.

She had split up with businessman Jimal Roho Safi a few months prior. She had wed the businessman as his second wife.

Kabba has maintained that he regrets being in a relationship with the socialite ever since they split up.

Kabba said, "Amber Ray came up to me and we ended up dating."

Amber and the Sierra Leonean have had a nasty fall-out since they decided to go their separate ways.

Let's hope that Kennedy will maintain the positivity displayed in his Q&A with fans and avoid that type of drama.

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