Obinna wouldn't mind dating woman 20 years older than him

Kamene and Obinna dissected the difference in age gaps between couples and their opinion

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Kamene Goro with Obinna in the studio
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During today's Morning Kiss show, radio hosts Kamene and Obinna dove into the topic of age gaps in relationships following Zari's revelation that she and her current boyfriend have an 11-year-old age gap.

Kamene could not seem to wrap her head around the age gap claiming that for her such a difference was humongous.

Speaking on the subject Kamene said, "As it turns out, the ninja is 30 years while Zari is 41 years old. Yes, they look good together but the thing is, there is a whole eleven-year age gap!"


She went on to ask their listeners if they found the gap weird or if it was something they themselves would be game for.

"Is it something that you’d be able to do would?  Would you be able to be with someone younger than you?" Kamene as their listeners clearly still processing the news in shock.

"As for you boy child, are you like Obinna who is looking for someone who is older than you? Obinna amesema yeye up to twenty years ako sawa," Kamene said.


Obinna interrupted Kamene, correcting her on the fact that he was looking for someone.

"I’m not looking, I said I don’t mind," Obinna said casually.

Businesswoman Zari Hassan recently succumbed to social media pressure and as she commented on how people keep asking her why she is dating a young man

The mother of five stated that her man is not as young as people think.   


"My boyfriend is not young he is 30 turning 31," she commented.

However, this is not the first time Zari has been questioned by the public as to why she is usually spotted dating younger men than she is.

"People keep saying it's cute that I have a young man but he is not that young," Zari insisted.

Responding to the taunts by netizens the socialite questioned the double standard when it came to men dating women younger than their age.

"Why is it when men date young girls it is okay but it's the opposite for women, the society!" she questioned.

Zari two months ago nick-named her current bae, 'husband' and actually tags him along to most of her events.

What are your thoughts on this? 

To you is age really just a number or are some gaps simply unacceptable?

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