Anita Nderu delivers a baby girl (Photo)

happily pose for a photo as they wait for the new baby to arrive
Sparky and Anita Nderu happily pose for a photo as they wait for the new baby to arrive
Image: Instagram

Media personality Anita Nderu is the new mum in town.

Anita announced the arrival of her daughter with her husband Barret Raftery in a beautiful Instagram post.

The new mum celebrated that she was no longer pregnant revealing that she had welcomed a daughter whom she named Kaya Gacheri Catalina Raftery.


Anita added that her daughter came on the 26th of August at 3:48 am.

She revealed that she and the baby are fine and already back home.

"I am no longer pregnant. @barrettraftery and I finally got to meet our daughter Kaya Gacheri Catalina Raftery (Rap name: Nippy Suckle😁) on the 26th of August 2022 at 3:48 am ❤️♍️What a whirlwind couple of days it has been," she wrote.


Anita added that she is embracing the motherhood journey.

"We are elated beyond words, grateful and in love and awe of our little human❤️ We're finally back home. Our rent free housemate is about to reveal her true colors as she schools us through the 4th trimester. Parenthood 101 is now in session."

A few days ago, Anita shared a video on her Insta Stories, Anita explaining how overwhelmed she was about giving birth.

She said she wanted to make the giving birth experience memorable and fun.

She jokingly planned the songs she will play as she gets into the last phase.

"In the meantime, I put together a labor playlist," she said. 

I will be that person walking or crawling into my labour room with a JBL speaker, B with a cooler box and our squad of labour supporters, and my overpacked hospital bag with all kinds of essentials, whose use remains to be seen," she said.