Thee Pluto's hilarious reaction to positive pregnancy test

The two beautiful celebrities are at peace about getting a baby together

Felicity revealed that she wasn't prepared for the pregnancy
Thee Pluto with Felicity Shiro Felicity revealed that she wasn't prepared for the pregnancy
Image: Instagram

Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru made the formal announcement of their first child together on their YouTube channel this past weekend.

However, Felicity was open and admitted that she wasn't mentally ready for the small blessing that was about to come their way.

"Nilikuwa najua already niko na ball ata before doing the test, but I was not like prepared psychologically for it, but then afterward I was like a baby is also a blessing," she noted. 


Thee Pluto, on the other hand, was happy despite his initial confusion after receiving an unexplained pregnancy test photo on Whats App.

"Wewe ni mwanaume, umetumiwa picha ya hiyo strip, mwanaume utajuaje? Mimi nangoja uniambie kitu iko ama haiko," he humourously remarked. 

The creator of the clip continues to describe in detail how he and Felicity were prepared to become parents long ago,


"Mimi by the way sikuwa na shida, actually I had even talked about having a kid with her way before when we were still at Juja before we moved to Lavington," he said. 

Felicity has revealed that she wasn't yet mentally prepared to have a child
Thee Pluto with Felicity Shiro Felicity has revealed that she wasn't yet mentally prepared to have a child
Image: Instagram

" I am proud I will be having a child soon," Thee continued to express.

Thee pointed out that even Felicity didn't know the gender, thus the two were reluctant to share it.

Felicity said that struggled to tell her mother the news because she had visited but left quietly afterward.

The news was eventually revealed to her over the phone, which led to Thee Pluto's first encounter with his mother-in-love, who immediately requested to see him.

They noticed that their pals were so enthused with the news that they even believed it to be overstated.

The couple has been faced with relentless questions over the past few years about when they were getting married/getting pregnant.

In June this year, Thee relayed to fans that he would be marrying Shiro a claim that some Kenyans called into question as he "would" and not "will, something that was not lost on many.

The former is conditional, but the latter expresses assurance. But with this big step in their relationship maybe these might silence those nayseyers.

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