Kamene opens up on trending and surprising 'Loft' video

During the Babes segment, Kamene advised girls to learn to put themselves first even when having enjoyment

advised girls to learn to respect themselves
Kamene Goro advised girls to learn to respect themselves
Image: File: Kiss FM

Today in The Morning Kiss on Babes by Kamene Goro the Baby girl CEO was very unpleased by one specific weekend occurrence that has been trending online.

Have you all seen The Loft trend on Twitter? If you have then you have a pretty good idea of why Kamene was displeased.

''So yesterday a video got to me and I was watching this video of something that was happening at a club... a club right here in Nairobi. A club that we all know. I think it was early morning, and there was a stage that had been set up outside, dj anacheza mangoma, and there are chicks on the stage." Kamene started.


She went on with her narration detailing the events of the said video, " So this babe decides to panda the stage and do what, lift up her dress. Wueh, I’ve never been so stressed in my life. And she does the whole shebang, whine your waist nini nini. 

Then there was even some other dude who came up the stage, you know she went on doing her thing, lifted her dress, stood up, lifted her dress again. Mind you, there are no undergarments. And I was like what is happening here?"

Kamene voiced her outrage and general embarrassment on behalf of girls everywhere.


"And there were so many people that were cheering her on, and I think that was giving her more morale to continue doing what she was doing. She even goes on lifting her dress even higher," Kamene added.

The 30-year-old got into her role as the Baby girl CEO addressing the events of that video and baby girls in general across the airwaves.

''And I was like, a couple of things, Baby girl, I know right now there is a lot of pressure, everyone wants to be known, kila mtu anataka kujulikana. You know you feel like just one move before you can burst into the scenes of fame. One I’ll tell you for sure, fame is totally overrated. Overrated, it’s not worth it." Kamene said.

She finished off by saying, "You do not have to remove your clothes to be noticed. You don’t baby girl, you do not have to remove your clothes to get that fame, whatever it is that you are trying to achieve, whatever it is you are going for. I can guarantee you, you don’t have to remove your clothes for you to get that.

And the internet never forgets, trust me I know! It never forgets, and no matter what you do moving forward with your life, no matter how many accolades you acquire, twenty/ thirty years down the line that video is what will define you.

So baby girl this morning when I’m talking to you, please know that every choice that you make has an impact on the rest of your life. So make the right decision."

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