'Mnachoma!' Obinna tells club photographers

Obinna urged club photographers to consider age sets when taking pics or ask for consent

Oga Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

During today's Morning Kiss show, radio hosts Kamene and Obinna dove into the topic of club photographers and how they land unsuspecting people in deep trouble sometimes.

" Some of us say we've gone for seminars but then we are seen the seminars we are at are is different from what we said..." Obinna candidly said.

" Seminar pale Kiss Nights, Quiver, sindio," Kamene chirped in giggling.


Obinna excitedly agreed, " Yes! Point in case club photographers! tafadhali mnavunja ndoa mingi sana," which had Kamene bursting into laughter.

" I mean you are just chilling in the club you just want one for the road a polite. Then a slay queen comes says hey and sits next to you and then you ask the waiter to get her a drink you know being polite.

Then a photographer comes and takes a picture of the two of you then it is like you guys are together," Obinna lamented in a bid to exonerate his fellow men/ give an excuse as to why one would be spotted with a slay queen in a club.

The comedian has castigated club photographers for the bad habit of taking images of unsuspecting individuals
Obinna with Kamene Goro. The comedian has castigated club photographers for the bad habit of taking images of unsuspecting individuals
Image: Instagram

The sarcasm in his tone could be heard from miles away and Kamene could not hold in her giggles as she listened to her co-host's narration.

Obinna clearly on a role added, " then there are these other ones who come up to you and are like can I get a picture with you? You take pics alafu anaenda kupost huko Facebook akikuita babe and it is just a random picture Kamene." 

However, Kamene was not having that one, " Ohh so now we call random people 'babes'? Random people go out here calling you babe just like that?" Kamene asked.

" Yes! It happens," Obinna whined before adding that the major problem still remains with the club photographers as he begged them to stop taking pictures of people, especially without consent.

Kamene said she only agreed with the invasion of privacy part, urging photographers to learn to take pictures of people just in a particular age set or for people's permission to avoid 'kuchoma.'

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