Kanye West set to open franchise in Nairobi

Kanye West is in a bid to go fully global with his franchise and is looking to venture his business into the Kenyan market

set to expand his business to Nairobi
Kanye West set to expand his business to Nairobi
Image: CNN

Ladies and gentlemen, it is official, we are global!!!

It has been revealed that multi-award-winning American rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West is planning to expand his business franchise outside the USA.

The 'Donda' hit-maker is going all out and let me tell you guys the list of cities that he is looking to venture into has been released and Nairobi, Kenya is in!!

First Riri's Fenty and now Ye is coming to town.

And hear this Nairobi is among the only two African countries that the artist is eyeing.

An Instagram page closely associated with the fashion icon posted a photo of Ye next to a list of cities where it is alleged the superstar is set to open different types of business, leaving his mark worldwide.

The post was followed by a caption that read, " @kanyewest reveals plans to open flagship stores, shelters, and hotels across the globe 🌍"

Some of the cities in which he plans to open his flagship stores include Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Paris, London, Seoul, Tokyo, Miami, Houston, San Francisco, Shanghai, Accra, and drum beats, Nairobi.

The revelation comes as a surprise to many as Nairobi is one of the only two cities he chose in Africa.

The other was Accra in Ghana, like I mean we expected him to venture into big cities like Johannesburg or Cape town in South Africa.

Considering South Africa is the only African country these people happen to know.

The choice to choose Nairobi could be attributed to the positioning of the city, and the reputation that has been gradually built over time as a good hub for foreign investment.

The news has been well received with big names in the Kenyan industry such as Nonini commenting on the post exited .

The news comes in shortly after Ye was gifted over 100 acres of land in Georgia by fellow rapper Young Thug to help him actualize his dream of launching worldwide Yeezy stores.

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