Leziki Band: Eric Omondi didn't pay us for Wife Material theme song

Leziki Band created the theme song for Eric Omonndi's season 3 Wife Material

Eric Omondi getting accused of not paying Leziki Band
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 In an interview with Amina Abdi on the trend, Kenya's Leziki band called out the self-appointed king of comedy Eric Omondi over his failure to pay for a song they did for him. 

Once the show, Wife Material was mentioned the band members started laughing sarcastically clearly hinting something was wrong.

" We had a deal with Eric that we would create for him the theme song for wife material then we'd come to an understanding on how things we'll go about with pay and all. " Collins kick stared the conversation.

He then added, "So we went researched and wrote the song, if you listen to it it is not an ordinary theme song. There is a lot of meat in that song and it has different languages ranging from Kiganda to English and Swahili. 

"After we had recorded it and used a lot of our expenses we gave him the finished product and he was super excited. He said we meet and discuss payment sasa but then he got us only lunch." 

The rest of the band members started laughing recalling that moment.

He added that Eric ghosted them and did not communicate anything else even after saying they'd talk about things.

Ironically they said that they've met at events but he has been dodgy. Even though earlier on in the year they'd even gone to his house to discuss pay once again.

" Eric Omondi manze...I see him in the media talking about play 75% KE, this is the new generation of artists. If you can not support us how are we supposed to get to that 75%. Call Liziki band and make amends, you have our number." Finished off Collins,

On where they have been for the past 2 or so years, the band's lead singer Collins Ramsey said, " we had not disappeared from the music scene that much, well it is just that we were not producing mainstream music. Behind the scenes, we've been doing corporate, events, and weddings with our live band. "

He however noted that now they were making a comeback to the mainstream music industry.

" We've been working on an album titled 'You' for the last two years, we started during the pandemic and the album has been evolving over the years with our creativity," added Kevin

Before revealing that the album was being re-recorded as they'd lost the first recording that they had originally done in the studio.

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