Maxwell Mwamburi exposes fashion stylist Victor Maish

Maxwell came out guns blazing dishing out tea on Victor Maish being a 'thief'

guru Victor Maish
Entrepreneur Maxwell Mwamburi dishes tea on beauty guru Victor Maish
Image: Instagram

Real estate and cake boss, Maxwell Mwamburi is one disgruntled human being and his wrath was brought about by none other than close friend and fellow entrepreneur Victor Maish.

Maxwell started by revealing that he'd met Maish through Vera Sidika who is their mutual friend.

He insisted that at first, he was not comfortable with their friendship because Maish was yet to come out as gay, adding that he really did not like the guy.

Talking about how their fallout began, Maxwell said they'd gone to Vera's house in Mombasa and Maish started invading his privacy, taking his clothes and jewelry.

"Now this is where the problem started, after the coast trip, kurudi Nairobi, I found some of my accessories missing I told him everything that was missing and asked him to drop them at my house in Yaya.

He also took cupcakes from my shop in Bamburi and he didn't pay for them.

I'm not sharing this to have any beef with you or to bring you down!! I gave you enough time to return the items you stole from me but you always took me for granted." Maxwell started off 

Max revealed that Maish took a lot of things from his bags and didn't return them even after they came back to Nairobi and Maxwell asked Maish for his items back. 

In his rants, Max revealed that he no longer wanted the pieces back and was tired of being friends with Victor Maish.

"I am not asking for the items back, but as a friend, I can never befriend you again. You took advantage of my good heart and stole from me without Mercy!

Even a ring that my EX Bf from Rwanda proposed to me with ulikataa nayo!!!! You made me even fear befriending gay girl boys out here. I was warned about you before but sikuskia...nilijionea mwenyewe!" Wrote the angry cake boss.

He went on to add, " Mind you he has never supported me, never brought cash to me and he always has events with his friends but he always takes cakes from other people! What type of friend is that!? Befriended him at your own risk! BOMBOCLAT!!!."

Na hizo vitu ukae nazo sizitaki tena! 

Roho nzuri itakuumiza mjini. Learn to be Unruly, Wicked& stingy with everything! I told you, this time round I'm not sparing anyone!!!!! I'm Exposing them 1 by 1."

He said that he was doing the series so as to look out for people in a way no one looked out for him.

"I don't want y'all to repeat the same mistakes I did Hunnies!!! This city is full of phony people, USERS, LEECHES, who never have anything to bring to the table but to use you and Take advantage!!Not me anymore!!!!!! Never will anyone ever do it to me!!Take it and learn from me hunnie.

"This is someone who doesn't even add value to the table! One time i asked him to help my business as it was down, can you connect me to an"investor" whocan pump only sook!??" Hata haji mambo ya investor,connections, wala biashara,Ni kuja home tuu aangalie ni ninianaweza chukua from Closet!!BOMBOCLAT!!!"

He advised people to re-evaluate their friends and learn to cut people off in a heartbeat.

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