Brendah Jons-I am no longer a lesbian

She has said that being gay was just a confused phase in her life

says she's no longer gay, calls it a phase
Content creator Brendah Jons says she's no longer gay, calls it a phase
Image: Instagram

Well... well... well, Heraclius ( the Greek philosopher) was not lying when he said 'change is the only constant in life.'

Comedian and content creator Brendah Jons has social media buzzing after she came out to say she was no longer a member of the LGBTQ community.

This is just a year after she came out as gay ( in a rather dramatic way, if I may add)


The content creator known for her ' Mama Kingston' skits took too her YouTube channel to reintroduce herself, owing to the fact that she has been going through of self-discovery.


Speaking about her sexuality Brendah said that she had rushed to identify herself as a lesbian adding that it was just a phase in her life and that isn't who she really is.

Brendah said, "That time of my life was a phase that I had to go through and I went through it and I'm no longer in it anymore.


As humans we grow every day, things change every day, we develop every day, and discover ourselves every day. And with time, I am realizing that wasn’t really my identity. It wasn’t who I am but more of a phase.”

The content creator has revealed that she is no longer gay
Brendah Jons The content creator has revealed that she is no longer gay
Image: Instagram

The 25-year-old went on to note that she know there are people who think that she is utterly confused or just hungry for attention and she's okay with that as she knows her truth. 

“I know people will point fingers saying that I had initially said am gay but I have seen the value of a man in a woman’s life and am telling you a different story and those that will find me to be confused good for you."  

Brendah finished off by revealing she was currently working on her spirituality and relationship with God which had suffered big blows. 

“I accept change, I accept when my life is taking a different turn and am never scared to start from scratch. I let life flow and I think at this point I am letting God take control of my life,” Brendah said. 

The content creator came out of the closet back in 2021 after going live on Instagram, adding the pride flag on her bio and even introduced her then girlfriend to the world.

The two were seen intimately sharing kisses live on Instagram.

'By the way guys, I'm telling you for sure, I am very gay...This is my girlfriend." Brendah revealed.

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