List:Top artists performing at Ruto's inauguration ceremony

The list includes both gospel and secular artists from Kenya and Tanzania

Artists performing at Ruto's inauguration ceremony
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Well D-day is finally here and Kenya's 5th president, H.E William Ruto after a little hiatus is getting sworn in.

His inauguration ceremony is set to be held at Kasarani National Stadium and it is bound to be a huge show with Kenyans flocking in in huge numbers and well the Permanent Presidential Music Commission (PPMC) releasing a list of artistes performing at President-elect William Ruto's inauguration.

 The list comprises of both gospel and secular artistes who have for the past few days been doing rehearsals at Kasarani Stadium, perfecting their art. 

Ahead of the event, the PPMC has released a song performed by Nadia, Sanaipei, Arrow Boy and Bridget Blue celebrating the event.

The song dubbed “Leo ni Leo” is currently available to stream on the PPMC’s YouTube channel


In case no one has told you today, remember loyalty always pays.

This is evident with comedian Chipukeezy ( he was a vocal supporter of Ruto) and now he will be among the mcee's who will lead the entrainment session at the presidents swearing in ceremony.

Speaking on the honour, Chipukeezy wrote, “hosting The Kenya's 5th Presidential Inauguration today! 13/09/2022, History Books will remember.”

Now unto the line-up.

Artists performing include gospel artist Guardian Angel, Nadia Mukami, Pitson, Arrow Bwoy, Solomon Mkubwa, Bridget Blue, and Anastacia Mukabwa among others.

 Pitson used his social media pages to express his excitement.

“It gives me great Joy to be part of the Presidential Inauguration music team.

"Thank you, Lord for this opportunity to sing before Kings. I will never take this lightly,” Pitson wrote.

Here is the Full list of all the artistes performing at Kasarani;

  • Nadia Mukami
  • Arrow Bwoy
  • Bridget Blue
  • Anastacia Mukabwa
  • Betty Bayo
  • Fred Omondi
  • Sanaipei Tande
  • Solomon Mkubwa
  • Contemporary Dancers
  • Ruth Matate
  • Hezron Marwa
  • Fenny Kerubo
  • Shiru wa GP
  • Utawala Band
  • Florence Andenyi
  • Nyar Jerusalem
  • Charity Nashipae
  • Mum Cherop
  • Guardian Angel
  • Loise Kim
  • Muigai Wa Njioroge
  • Lillian Rotich
  • Zabron Singers (Tanzania)
  • Florence Mureithi
  • Safari Voices International
  • Dan Sax
  • Mr. Wise
  • Mr. Mbuvi
  • Sammy K
  • Kenty
  • Douglas Otiso
  • Evans DeMathew
  • Abush Chininto
  • Sammy Mangara
  • Baba G Wuod Awasi

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