Kennedy comes clean on getting back with Amber Ray

Kennedy revealed that the two were still good friends

The ex-couple has been rumored to be back together
Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo The ex-couple has been rumored to be back together
Image: Instagram

After numerous speculations from netizens and sleuths trying to join two plus two together after Amber Ray and Kennedy were rumored to be on vacation together, the businessman has finally come out to ease y 'all's minds.

Taking to his Instagram stories the father of two asked his followers to engage with him in the Q&A section.

And as we all know there is no way netizens could resist asking about the elephant in the room, his rumored relationship with socialite Amber Ray.

Everyone wanted to know if they should go back to getting their vitenge made.

One netizen posed the question, " is it true you are back together with Amber Ray? You have been seen in many places together."

Kennedy shattered so many people's hopes and hearts by revealing, " I gave clarity on this a few weeks ago. We are not together anymore but we are still friends. Nothing more than that." 

I guess friends go on romantic out-of-town vacations with open baths together huh? After all, it's Nairobi.

Fans could not seem to come to terms with their favorite couple really not being together thus the questions kept on flying.

The couple has confirmed that they have broken up
Kennedy Rapudo with Amber Ray The couple has confirmed that they have broken up
Image: Instagram

Another netizen still asked, " Are you and Amber back together? Please say yes... You guys look so good together." 

But the 36-year-old businessman was not bulging. Just crashing hearts left, right, and center.

He candidly noted, " I answered this a few weeks ago... Irreconcilable differences." 

He also added that their romantic relationship was at this point, " water under the bridge." 

Well then at least tell us what the " differences" were, and give us proper tea! Or something new, not what you said weeks ago.

He however added, " Kamba ladies will always have a special place in my heart," after a netizen told him he was still seen as an in-law to them.

On whether he'd give their relationship another chance, Kennedy said " unfortunately no, she can be happy with someone else.

She is a good person just like I said before and she deserves nothing less than happiness." 

 So I guess that is that. 

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