Rihanna dropping new music? Fans speculate

Rihanna was seen going to the studio in L.A with her baby daddy, Asap Rocky

Rihanna is rumored to be working on new music
Fenty beauty mogul, Rihanna Rihanna is rumored to be working on new music
Image: Instagram

Could new mom Robin Rihanna Fenty be finally giving us new music? I can hardly hold my excitement.

I mean she and baby daddy A$AP Rocky were seen hitting the studio last evening causing a frenzy among her fans.

The photos went ahead to add more fuel to the rumor mill that she's gonna drop another album!

There is a possibility that she could have been there to support her man, listen to him spit bars, and what have you, I mean she did appear in his latest music video.

But c'mon, she has been seen at the L.A. studio several times recently, it can't just be nothing.

Also maybe constantly accompanying bae to the studio might have just reminded her how much she loves creating music so the seemingly endless wait for more music may be coming to an end.

We ( Riri fans) are super excited. I mean it has been years and years since she released anything after lying and promising us an album so this is a silver lining.

And she has done everything else, builds a multi-million dollar beauty company, be a philanthropist, be a mom, it might be time to hit the studio.

Forbes recently declared her as America's first youngest self-made billionaire woman, according to its annual list.

With a net worth of 1.4 billion dollars, (bruh I don't even want to convert that into Kenyan shillings because I'll just start crying.) Riri clutched the title knocking Reality show star Kim Kardashian to second place.

RiRi and her boyfriend A$AP were casually dressed for the evening and looked all cute and giddy with excitement.

The new parents hit the studio just a day after they were seen out partying at Emilio's Ballato in New York, looking all cool and casual. A$AP was dressed in all 80s with a baggy tee and baggy jeans while RiRi showed off her legs with a black dress, white shirt, heels, and sunglasses.

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