The genesis of the famous Riggy-G Mwakenya
Rigathi Gachagua The genesis of the famous Riggy-G Mwakenya
Image: The-Star

It seems the Kenya Kwanza team was working round the clock as Dennis Itumbi shared rare behind-the-scenes photos.

Dennis Itumbi brought in an aha! moment as he shared photos of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua (Riggy G) and an imposter 'Martha Karua' as they rehearsed for the debate.

Could it be the genesis of the famous Riggy G Mwakenya? Maybe.

"Hustler Nation worked hard. In between the Campaigns, we practiced for the debates Nothing was taken for granted."

His worthy competitor had to be in the scenes too. "We even had a '@MarthaKarua' whose brief was to annoy the then DP candidate @rigathi She did her assignment well. She even went barefoot - literally," Dennis wrote.


Is it possible the swearing-in also had a trial performance; Dennis should let us in.

Kenyans on Twitter applauded the dedication and commitment while others questioned the integrity of the debate.

OLENKITI@manwel254·10hReplying to @OleItumbi @MarthaKarua and @rigathiRiggy G had a rehearsal...


DIPLOMAT ALI BARRE@Dezboy10·10hReplying to @OleItumbi @MarthaKarua and @rigathiI am very proud of party @uda jst look at how they prepared for literally for everything indeed Power is not given,power is taken

shitty nation@shittynation·10hReplying to @OleItumbi @MarthaKarua and @rigathiWinners attitude!

Chris Wasike@cwasike·10hReplying to @OleItumbi @MarthaKarua and @rigathiI’m Azimio but well done. You put nothing to chance

WAFULA SINCLAIR@SINCLAIRWAFULA·10hReplying to @OleItumbi @MarthaKarua and @rigathiWaaah. We never knew this. It was worth it

Edwin Super@edwinsuper66·10hReplying to @OleItumbi @MarthaKarua and @rigathiBig up, strategists

Daktarii@Benso43686188·10hReplying to @OleItumbi @MarthaKarua and @rigathiWe lost the usefulness of the debate at that point.

Kiongozi@DennisNjau12·10hReplying to @OleItumbi @MarthaKarua and @rigathiHii kitu mlipanga my friend kudos to the next chapter

Sam Chege SC @_sam_chege·10hReplying to @OleItumbi @MarthaKarua and @rigathiAnd that's what good people do. Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse

mzee mzima@JuliasMwinzi·10hReplying to @OleItumbi @MarthaKarua and @rigathiAnd riggy still came with mwakenya

Francis Mbugua@MashMMXIV·10hReplying to @OleItumbi @MarthaKarua and @rigathiI hope nothing will be taken for granted in the journey to rejuvenate our economy.That was ahead of time,kudos!

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