riggy g and obinna
riggy g and obinna

Politicians are increasingly getting amused at young Kenyans imitating leaders.

They are going as far as publicly recognizing them as KOT appreciate and thank them for their hilarious antics.

Even Martha Karua met the man who imitated her voice at political rallies. 


The comedian who goes by the name of KK Mwenyewe who normally imitates DP Rigathi Gachagua, left Oga Obinna in stitches after describing how it wasn't important for one to learn to use a fork and knife.

KK was a guest on Obinna's YouTube show, KulaCooler Show that premiered on 3rd October and went all out playing the role that has made him a household name.

'Riggy G' said he loves to eat "Of course I love to eat. My body is not built on wood, you can see I am very strong and I eat everything. The only thing I don't eat in this world is metal, and if maybe it is taken to some machine and inasiagwa I can have a second thoughts."


"As long as kitu inapita kwa esophagus, I have no problem" the comic perfectly mimicked the deputy presient.

The comedian has been perfectly mimicking Rigathi Gachagua over the past few months
KK Mwenyewe. The comedian has been perfectly mimicking Rigathi Gachagua over the past few months
Image: Instagram

During the segment, Obinna shared a meal with guests and on the menu was chicken lollipops.

Obinna said, "Hii tumoetoa kwa shamba ya Ruto I know you trust his chicken and you love them."

Riggy responded, "Of course I love them, mi napenda kukula."

The challenge soon presented itself with regards to the use of cutlery, with Riggy G telling Obinna.

"I heard William Ruto say we are going to have a meeting of senior leaders because some senior leaders don't know how to hold a fork but me I say, I support William Ruto, but I say even if you don't know how to hold a fork when you eat the food, it will still go to the stomach."

"It will not go to the spinal cord. Our purpose is to liberate this country to return the economy of Kenya to where Mwai Kibaki left it."

fake riggy g
fake riggy g

Kenyans were amazed by Mwenyewe's comedic talent and said as much in the comments section.

Check out some of the responses below;

@danielo33621398·This country has a wealth of talent. What remains now is for the government to facilitate the transformation of these talents into something that becomes valuable to the youths so that they become their own brands and proceed to walk in their purpose in life.

@EKipkkoech·The real Deputy President will reward this guy as per todays interview at citizen Tv

@Roba90203970This guy is super talented

@KhwatengeJames·Even the shifting of the head

@VitalisRugie·Let's be honest, he's good at it

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