Rigathi Gachagua's bearded son is hotttttttttttttt!!!!

Dp Gachgua has two sons Kevin and Keith who are adored by girls

rigathis son with mum dorcas courtesy kenyans.co.ke
rigathis son with mum dorcas courtesy kenyans.co.ke

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua buried his late brother Jack Reriani on Wednesday, October 5th.

His death was announced on September 25.  The late was buried in their rural home in Hiriga Village, Mathira Constituency, Nyeri County.

Mourners condoled with the family on their loss. Rigathi mourned his elder brother as a man who played a critical role of a parent .

Before the funeral, Rigathi spent time with local voters, where he thanked them for supporting his family as they mourned.


While at the funeral, a viral picture of Rigathi's two sons has gone viral and is capturing girls hearts online.

The two gentlemen were standing side by side and alot about them was noted by KOT.

But girls set the tone with discussions asking if they are single and ready to mingle.

Kevin and Kevin have set hearts racing. A picture of them shared on Kenyans.co.ke made girls go gaga. Girls are ready to shot their shot.

Here are comments from thirsty girls.

@iam_mutheu·is he single?

@ArthurAukoth·2Huyo kijana is a schnackkk

@JacintaMusangi·Akona mtu?

@Faithquina·Awwww they look Soo cute... Someone to connect me huyo mwenye akona tundevu

@QuinevenWamalwa·Hear me out,the one with cute beards

@JULIUSNGATIA7·The bearded one can be mistaken with Sultan Joho, am still I Lubumbashi watching the events back home , here with the currency in Francs , you might mistake 1500 francs , they pronounce it as Millie sexer!

@thisgirlanne·1The one in a floral shirt

@iam_mutheu·Wow is the one on the right single?

@abbie_ghael·Weuu... Sleepless nights loading

@groupofschool·Huyo wa cute beards

@haggiejsm93Team kevo,,voke its the beard for me.nikuwe nachezacheza nayo tukikula popcorn

@loko_cynthia·Number Bana, weka number

@trizar_muli·Aki the one with beards

Kevin, the elder son is a Software Engineer while his sibling Keith is a medical doctor,

They were introduced by their dad at the Catholic University CUEA back in July during the running mate debate.

The proud dad gushed about his family, showing Kenyans how much he values them.

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