'Zaddy is real!' Maxwell Mwamburi tells doubters

Maxwell defended his alleged government mubaba saying campaigns took a tool on them thus why he hasn't been so flashy

The gay socialite has defended his government sponsor
Maxwell Mwamburi. The gay socialite has defended his government sponsor
Image: Instagram

Entrepreneur Maxwell Mwamburi popularly now known by his alter ego Maxine Mkamburi has come out to defend her alleged 'Daddy' who is apparently a prominent member of the government.

This is after many members of the online streets started pointing out that Maxine's sponsor is just a fragment of her imagination.

She was actually caught in a mid-lie when she pretended that the alleged government man had sent her a bouquet of flowers to celebrate a recent Instagram achievement.

Well cake boss Maxine maintains that even though she has not been seen anywhere exotic or gotten the new iPhone 14 her rich tycoon man is real.

Speaking during an interview with EMM Online TV Maxine got asked where her mbaba was and how he was doing.

Her reply, " I've left Zaddy at home, he's got parliament and other things to do.

 You know he is out there discussing the country's economy and stuff," as she let out a seemingly nervous chuckle.

"He is real though with a lot of estates in the country... mimi ni mali ya mhesh.

We met at a cafe, I was there enjoying a cocktail and he was there with a couple of his friends. 

So, he sent a waiter to give me his business card then we started talking from then on."  Maxine excitedly narrated in detail how the two met.

She went on to add, " our love grew and that is how we bonded. We have been dating for 7 years now. The only responsibility that I had is I never show his face.

He has been playing his part well and I cannot complain.'"

On what finally pushed her to come out

"I started looking deep in myself and I am how much longer will I live like this.... plus, it was not fair for my girlfriend because she also had a boyfriend and was trying to live her life as well.

You know I spent 3 months soul-searching, I even felt like I was disabled or something. I could not understand this." Maxine said with a heavy heart.

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