Diana and Bahati address claims they have given birth

The Bahati's insisted they are yet to welcome their bundle of joy

diana and bahati wait baby number three
diana and bahati wait baby number three

Diana Marua and her husband Bahati are unhappy that rumours have been swirling that she already delivered her baby.

The couple returned on October 17th to their YouTube channel with a video to set the record straight.

The former model started by explaining her long absence not creating content.

"Diana has been away from her YouTube for a month, narrating it is due to her pregnancy troubles.


Diana has been having challenges with her pelvic bones as she draws closer to her due date.

It's been a month of me not creating content. Naona watu social media saying ati I am lying nishazaa. We are still pregnant."

Diana pointed out that she has been bedridden at home;


"Guys I am in so much pain. Reason being as the baby grows I get to have a few complications coz my pelvic muscles ziko close to each other. Walking has been difficult because of her pelvis over friction."

Diana also complained to her hubby that the rumour's had really increased and he needed to respond.

"Without you they can't blog," joked Bahati with Diana responding, "They have been saying ati I gave birth a long time ago, na bado tuko hapa."

Bahati then assured Kenyans that his wife was still heavy with child.

"Your bloggers are saying?" he started before stopping mid-sentence.

Diana then continued. "Yaani people are just talking, talking." 

Bahati then cheekily reiterated his point that bloggers would have nothing to write about without the mother of his two kids.

Diana laughingly retorted, "Baby saa hii wanakusonyea." (smirking mouth)

Bahati wasn't done puffing up his wife saying that bloggers would retire the day she did to which Diana agreed, questioning why her name is always dropped in others' online drama.

"Hehe unajua naonanga watu wengine talking about other things that don't involve me but they add my name @diana bahati."

The Bahati's will reveal their yet to be born baby's gender after a visit to the gynecologist. 

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