What to avoid doing with new DCI boss's phone number

DCI boss Amin Mohamed has shared a mobile phone number for Kenyans to reach him

amin mohamed DCI Boss
amin mohamed DCI Boss

DCI boss Amin Mohamed has given Kenyans a mobile phone number to reach him.

The DCI director Mohammed Amin was Wednesday Ocotber 19 sworn into office in a ceremony presided over by Chief Justice Martha Koome at the Supreme Court in Nairobi.

Amin said he was ready for the task and promised to carry out his mandate without prejudice.


Amin who previously headed the Internal Affairs Unit of the National Police Service said he was happy to be back home at the DCI.

"Most of my time has been in the directorate and I'm happy to be back home," he said.

Amin said he wants to be accessible to persons who might need his assistance. He told Kenyans to reach him on 0722415419.


"I will always be available and for purposes of records, I would like to give out my number which is, 0722415419, so that any member of the public or any other person who feels like reaching out to me can easily do so," he said.

The new boss was today sworn in today and will be paid a gross salary of Ksh 621,250.

With this in mind, there are things we should not send or call to tell him. 

1. Don't send him meme's

Yes you are burning to share that ka meme with more people to elicit reaction, but please the DCI Boss is a busy man ridding the country of crime. Don't send him memes.

2. Don't send him naughty pictures.

This is not the time to inundate the DCI with files in your gallery. Send them to your squad.

3. Msiombe mkuu pesa

He is not a loan app. 

4. Guys for 'Hae' and 'hey' stick to your Instagram. This man is busy and 'hey' hae' is a waste of our taes.

5. Slay Queen. please do not shot your shot. The man is not here to date or be your mubaba.

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