Dufla breaks down over Anerlisa mid performance

Dufla ended up crying in a club and had to be escorted outside by his friends

Breaks down over Nero CEO Anerlisa Muigai
Dufla Diligon Breaks down over Nero CEO Anerlisa Muigai

Dancehall artiste Dufla Diligon shocked the crown yesterday after he broke down in a club over his undying love for Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai.

The artist was seen being comforted by a group of friends around him before the MC announced that the gorgeous entrepreneur was the reason Dufla was weeping like a baby.

The MC could be heard saying, "Anerlisa wherever you are I don't know what you have done to this guy. I have never seen a Maasai cry like this, those guys are always so happy." 

Before someone in the background asked if Dufla was genuinely shedding tears.

Dufla was then taken out of the club and to his car after a while. His friends could be heard saying, "he is genuinely crying...it is bad bad, leave him alone, let him get some fresh air. "

Before another friend quipped, "sasa bro why did you start these stories for this lady, now see she wants to kill you... we will have to find this lady. This Anerlisa wants to kill our bro."

Shortly afterward his best friend Krg The Don came through and he could be seen mocking the artist asking him if he was in tears now and has not met Anerlisa yet, and what would happen if she actually showed up.

"Yaani wewe mtu mzee mkubwa kabisaa unalilia msichana ata hamjaonana na yeye, na mkionana je?" Krg said 

Dufla angrily asked Krg to stop bringing jokes into serious issues as he was genuinely in pain. 

She is the reason Dufla was weeping in a club mid performance
Keroche Breweriwes heiress Anerlisa Muigai She is the reason Dufla was weeping in a club mid performance
Image: Instagram

Krg proceeded to beg Anerlisa to kindly give Dufla a chance even if not in a relationship to just meet up with him to ease his heart's pain/desires.

Over two weeks ago Dufla was over the moon celebrating Anerlisa's announcement that her divorce from ex-husband Tanzanian musician Ben Pol had been finalized.

The musician reshared on his Instagram page Anerlisa's post where she was celebrating her divorce case finally coming to an end and her being a free woman once again.

" Finallllyyy!!!! Divorce imeisha.... Leo sherehe nitapiga mpaka nilale na viatu!!! (Today I am going to celebrate heavily, until I sleep with my shoes on.) 

Congratulations @anerlisa ❤️🙏🏿" Dufla's post read.

His former nemesis now turned best friend, dancehall musician KRG the Don took the opportunity to encourage Dufla some more and ask him to act fast before another man swooped the Nero Company CEO off her feet.

"Sasa kaza wazee wapeleke ng'ombe before mtu mwingine aku overtake kwa corner (now hurry up talking to the elders they get the cattle ready before someone else overtakes you at the corner)" Krg's message to Dufla read.

Dufla Diligon has cut off his trademark dreadlocks to impress his all-time crush, Anerlisa Muigai.

On Tuesday, August 30th, Dufla Diligon in a podcast confessed that he has a crush on the Keroche heiress.

Dufla also revealed that he has plans to marry Anerlisa if things go according to his plans.

In the podcast, Dufla Diligon admitted to his best friend Krg The Don that the only woman for him is Anerlisa.

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