'Mjifunze kuvaa!' Fashion designer Melina Gold tells Kenyan influencers

Melina highlighted poor display of fashion at events is the main reason why she doesn't show up even when invited

Melina has asked influencers to learn to dress well for events
Kenyan fashion designer and musician Melina Gold Melina has asked influencers to learn to dress well for events
Image: Instagram

Kenyan artist and fashion designer Melina Gold, just like I have had it with influencers and content creators showing up with mediocre outfits to glam events or award ceremonies - she is tired. 

Sharing a photo of a lady receiving an award as well as the MC leading the awards ceremony Melina lamented that seeing such outfits is what makes her skip events even when invites are sent out to her.

"That is why I have not shown up in any event that invited me...." cried the designer, who went on to add, "I will be there wasting my outfit, my class, entertaining mediocre shit."

And I honestly do feel her anger and agree with her sentiments.

I mean do you all remember the fail that was Fenty Beauty Launch, okay I won't even go that far... did you all see influencers at the Darling Hair purple affair just last weekend?

Honestly minus like 4 people the rest made one want to gorge their eyes out.

 Clearly triggered by the host who was in rugged jeans and a tee as well as the lady in an official dress that looked like she was headed for a Chama Melina continued with her rant asking people why they find it hard to invest in their images.

"You all cannot invest in your own image!!! Like how are you all being stingy in spending on your own self?" The fashion designer posed the question.

She finished off by asking Kenyan media personalities to do better, at the very least during award ceremonies.

"Some low-budget outfits, shoes, makeup, etc!! Hii Kenya vile mnavaa in these awards events waaah. Like what in the hell is this???!"

Melina who majors in fashion and design mostly dresses artists doing stage performances, people going for photo shoots/ music videos, and some high-profile celebrities.

She usually does the designing part herself however she usually gets the help of tailors and marketers who help her in branding her brand.

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