Bien's new music video clocks over 1 million views in days, promises this

Bien has managed to hold his own against some heavy hitters in the African music industry.

The Sauti Sol lead vocalist 'Inauma' doing numbers
Bien. The Sauti Sol lead vocalist 'Inauma' doing numbers
Image: Instagram

Bien's "Inauma" music video is doing some impressive numbers on YouTube and how could it not? The song is an absolute banger.

This should not come as a surprise too. The Sauti Sol lead vocalist has been on an impressive winning streak - music-wise - over the last few weeks.

 The artist celebrated the video to his new single "Inauma" hitting one million views on his most recent Instagram post.

"Youtube fam said the only thing wrong with this song is that it ends. Thanks a millie...", the singer captioned the post. 

He also made it clear that there will be no remix of the original song,

"...and just like that, the OG version wins, there'll be NO Remix."

A quick browse through the song's YouTube comment section will give you an idea of just how much the listeners, mostly from Swahili-speaking nations, appreciate the song.

Here are some comments on the song,

Kayi Pax: This song hit harder than my father's belt from Rwanda 🇷🇼 

 bernard kariuki: I love how Sauti Sol makes the songs look ancient and sophisticated yet integrates some form of modernity like elevators. Creativity on another level.

Signal Jaymoh: The songwriting in Bien's art is always unmatched. Legends leave a mark to be remembered with.

 Gabriel gave:   Bien is not only a Kenyan leading musician but also a world hero in the music industry.  

The song is number 2 on trending for music.

Bien has managed to hold his own against some heavy hitters in the African music industry; as revealed by this year's Apple Music: Top 100 Kenya. It is refreshing to see that this was not a fluke incident.

It is public information that Sauti Sol is on a different trajectory in their musical careers, one that has them individually honing in on their personal strengths, while still being a single unit.

But Bien is proving to be the life force of the group. The man is making waves in the music industry, and listeners are more than receptive.

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