Willy Paul silences haters as he flaunts his car collection

Willy Paul's number plate '666' raised eyebrows due to its 'Satanic" association.

Willy Paul flaunts his car collection
Kenyan artist Willy Paul Willy Paul flaunts his car collection
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Musician Willy Paul took to his socials to display his car collections after a section of his fans claimed that he painted his well-known Mercedes Benz yellow from its original colour - white.

On Saturday, October 22, the successful artist posted a video on Instagram showcasing his newly acquired luxury car, a Mercedes Benz. However, it seems as though some fans missed the memo.

 As seen in the video, it turns out that the artist has two of the same machines but in both White and Yellow.

"They said I painted my old car Yellow... hapana here are my babies just chilling. Good life, life bila stress life bila scandals life tu ya kisani.. let's all learn to celebrate one another coz life ni short na haitaki hasira so just enjoy it!!, the singer captioned the video.

These are some comments from the post:

jaythesleek: "This is how haters get to kill you, it takes a clip for them to know your hood and exact house location then booom, bang bang..a case of pop smoke. Just be cautious".

clee_kerry: keep going king, wa kusema watachoka tu and you remain the KING! 👏

peterspitter: Hii gari ni ya SAMMY BOY...If you know, you know

statehouse._finnest: Big wins ......shine my guy since enzi za you never know I've been team pozze👏👏👏

Following the purchase of the Yellow Mercedes, the musician expressed gratitude to God and his fans for helping him acquire the new ride.

"Willy added that the Mercedes was a gift to himself for the good work he did. “God did it again! Glory be to the most high God. Thank you my father for yet another beautiful gift...".

He continued:

"...Decided to gift myself for the good job I've been doing. For the clean content, I've been releasing. I intend to keep it that way.”

The new addition brought the total number of vehicles to three; 2 Mercedes Benzs and a 14-seater Matatu.

However, a section of Kenyans noted that the Number plate read 666, a number surrounded by superstition; according to the Christian religion, 666 is associated with the beast in Revelation. 

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