Mbosso and Diamond's new song taken off YouTube

The song was hit with a copyright claim barely 24 hours after release

Mbosso his song has been removed from YouTube
Image: Courtesy Mbosso his song has been removed from YouTube

Barely 24 hours after Tanzanian bongo star Mbosso released his new six-track EP with collabos from Diamond Platnumz, Ya Levis, Costa Titch, among others on of his tracks has been hit with a YouTube copyright strike.

Mbosso's new song dubbed "Yataniua" featuring his boss, Diamond Platinumz has been removed from YouTube over claims of copyright infringement.

"This video contains content from Empire and Ziiki Media South Africa. One or more of whom have blocked it on copyright grounds," read a statement confirming that the new song had been taken down.


Mbosso's new EP titled "Khan" was released on Thursday a day ahead of its scheduled release date, which was set on Friday.

On Monday, Mbosso put up a 40-second video informing his fans that he will be releasing his much-anticipated EP (Extended Playlist) on October 28, 2022.

The singer gathered 300 people to shoot the promo video for his upcoming EP – with Director Hanscana being behind the production.


The video was hyped by Diamond Platnumz and the whole WCB crew, who showered Mbosso with praises ahead of the launch.

Diamond praised his signee for capturing people's attention with his 30 seconds teaser to the lead single of the EP that has now gone viral on social media.

"When you look at Mbosso's unreleased song 'Huyu Hapa' the teaser itself has over 120 thousand videos made from it. And the song is not officially released."

Adding "He is loved, he sings well and has no issues with people. He is my favourite."

“Nimefika, Tarehe 28 Ya Mwezi Huu wa 10,” Mbosso announced.

Sadly, Mbosso's EP is already facing big challenges with one of its top songs getting scrapped out.

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