Jimal's ex-wife Amira hints at plans to remarry again

Amira and Jimal split up after a series of nasty online disagreements due to infidelity

The mother of two has hinted at plans of remarrying
Amira smiling. The mother of two has hinted at plans of remarrying
Image: Instagram

It seems that Jimal Rohosafi's ex-wife influencer and entrepreneur Amira Marlow is open to giving love and marriage a chance once again.

The mother of two took to her socials to share a tad bit of advice with her future husband.

She posted a video from TikTok where a guy was recording his wife shopping as she added the song "One Woman" by Adekunle gold and Ty Dolla Sign to the post. 

The video was captioned, "I still give my wife pocket money every week for her lunch and pocket money every end month for her hair and nails to still look hot for me.

Even though she owns two businesses, I do all this because it is my marital duty as a husband."

Excuse me but my dear readers if you have any clue where such men are located, please do let me know so that we can add them to the cart haraka haraka before the bale goes out of stock.

Amira, clearly as amused by the video as yours truly is, captioned it, "dear future husband, I hope you are built like this..." 

Me too Amira, me too.

The mother of two has penned a message to her future husband
Amira Marlow. The mother of two has penned a message to her future husband
Image: Instagram

This comes in just two months after the mother of two took to her insta stories to publicly warn young guys hitting on her that she does not have time for them and is at the very least interested in the advances.

In a bid to put off any more advances Amira wrote, "all these little boys coming to my in-box saying hey and hello, I don't have biscuits to give you."

The post came shortly after Amira took shots at her ex, Jimal a clear indication that she was nowhere near forgiving him after he publicly took to his Instagram page and offered her an apology for stepping outside their marriage and disrespecting/ hurting her.

Amira put up a post on her insta-stories that read, " You'll be shocked at how unattractive someone becomes once the lesson is learned," she then captioned underneath it, " her ex don't be her type anymore."

The entrepreneur has been single for quite a while now and hasn't given any signs of a new relationship after her drama with the father of her kids.

Jimal has tried publicly apologizing to her but to no avail.

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