Reason Diana Marua will have a C-Section

The couple were prepping for theatre yesterday

The couple delivered a baby girl yesterday evening
Bahati kissing Diana Marua's belly. The couple delivered a baby girl yesterday evening
Image: Instagram

Diana Marua, the wife of Bahati, will deliver her third child via CS, the singer has said.

The father of five recently announced that his wife was ready for theater in a post on all of his social media channels that included a photo of them together taken while they were both in the hospital.

He continued by saying that the pair still didn't have their princess's name.


"It's Time to Go into the Operation Room. Guys It's funny that even at this Last Minute We have not yet agreed on our Daughter's Name 😔 KINDLY DROP YOUR LAST SUGGESTIONS."

On February 14, 2018, Diana Marua gave birth to her first child; on August 14, 2019, she gave birth to her second.

She underwent a cesarean delivery for her other two children as well. According to Bahati's wife, a pubic symphysis diagnosis made a cesarean delivery her sole option, therefore she chose that route.


A collection of symptoms known as symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) induce pain in the pelvic area.

Your pelvic joints stiffen up or move unevenly during pregnancy, which is the typical time for it to happen.

"I did not prefer to go for C-section. What happened with my firstborn baby Heaven, I got a complication where my pelvic bones zilikuwa zinashikana and it got to a point where walking a small distance was very hard for me. I couldn’t even move from the bed to the bathroom," she said in a past video.

Diana added;

"That condition is called Symphysis pubis. So with that, the doctor had to advise me not to go the natural way. Natural birth was not an option for me and on my second baby, the same happened and that’s why I opted for C-section."