Larry Madowo's interview with transgender CEO thrills Kenyans

Swedish born CEO Caroline Farberger has been living as a transgender since 2017

The CNN presenter excited Kenyans over his interview with the transgender CEO.
Caroline Farberger with Larry Madowo. The CNN presenter excited Kenyans over his interview with the transgender CEO.
Image: Twitter

CNN Journalist Larry Madowo's interviews have a way of going viral.

In his latest piece dubbed 'Authentic Leadership at an Executive Level: Caroline Farberger // TechBBQ 2022', Larry flies to Copenhagen where he interviews a top Swedish CEO.

"My full conversation with @cfarberger at @TechBBQ in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 is now online" Larry informed interested persons.

The Transgender CEO revealed to Madowo how she became a woman at the age of 49.


In 2018, Caroline was formerly called Carl and left the office on a Thursday, underwent gender transition and Caroline walked in on Friday.

Carl informed his staff that the transformation would happen overnight to prove it's just the packaging but he remains the same person.


Caroline is now a Partner & Chairwoman of VC Investment company.

Caroline became Sweden's first CEO to publicly come out as transgender.

Caroline who rose to the role of CEO of Swedish insurance company ICA told Larry that the change had been a scary experience for her.

"I was brutally scared if I broke away from my main persona."

Larry then asked the audience to applaud  with the high-powered leader saying; "I wasn't happy now I am a happy person living as myself."

Caroline said that she had a family complete with a wife and three children but wasn't happy.

Caroline says while as a man she never really understood that the playing field for men and women was different. 

Caroline says the gender transition has made her become a better leader, and hopes to become a shining example to others.

Kenyans who've watched the YouTube video were quite amused and hilariously told him that the topic is rather foreign to the 254.

@daniel_yogo...Even after listening to the video I still don't understand

@Dihydroxyd...Ebu sema kwa dholuo kwa sababu ni kama nimeelewa tofauti buana

@MesutRawlings...Hii kazi yako ni ngumu bro. Ati Chairwoman.

The rest of the interview about her gender journey is on youtube.

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