Nigerian prophet warned about death of Davido's son (video)

The man of God has trended after his prophecy came true

The singer lost his son yesterday
Davido. The singer lost his son yesterday
Image: Instagram

A Nigerian prophet is currently trending after it was revealed that he foretold of Davido's son's demise in January 2022.

In his message early this year, Prophet Samuel King said that 2022 and 2023 are going to be Davido's big year of rewards and opportunities.

He continued by requesting prayers against an arrow of death that was directed towards the singer's son.


The Facebook post is currently very popular.

"PRAY FOR DAVID ADELEKE aka Davido . In a vision, I saw 2022 with so many opportunities for him, rewards, and awards! This is the biggest year for him even until 2023!"

"But let’s pray against any arrow of death, especially against his son! Any close loved ones. God revealed to me that it will happen if prayers are not made. I see T and Y as a very significant clue to this prophecy as well."


Following the death of the singer's son, Prophet Samuel has spoken up in a new viral video.

He said he received the prophecy on January 1st but posted about it on January 7th because he wanted to be certain about it.

He prayed and fasted after receiving the prophecy three times.

"In our days now, God is speaking but many people have underrated the word of God..... Prophets are being abused. Who would have believed me if I had said this was going to happen."

He went on to tell Davido that another tragedy was coming and sought to see and pray for the singer.

"I would like to pass the message to Davido and his family, there is something he needs to know, I am not out to get fame and I am not meant to share this in public.

I did three days of fasting. Davido, I know this is a hard time to be but I'd like you to hold yourself strong and in prayer because the enemy is not happy about a lot of things that are happening in your life."

Watch the video below;