Peter Salaysa blasted after his proposal to Azziad

The youthful MP has garnered a lot of attention after his Twitter post concerning the popular social media star

The Mumias East MP has been accused of 'wanting' Azziad
Peter Salasya. The Mumias East MP has been accused of 'wanting' Azziad
Image: Instagram

Mumias East MP, Peter Salasya has stunned Kenyans online with his most recent Twitter post.

The youthful politician has declared his interest in using popular TikToker Azziad Nasenya as a brand ambassador in Kakamega County.

His viral post read;


"Their is this Girl from luhya land called @AzziadNasenya who made vaida song to go viral. Am looking for her she is such an inspirational Girl who can be a brand ambassador for us from kakamega county."

The post attracted a lot of engagement from Kenyans with most reacting negatively to it as they saw an ulterior motive behind it.

Some even accused Salasya of 'wanting' Azziad and using the ambassador position as a ruse to get her attention.


A tiny percentage agreed with his sentiment and said that it would be a great idea for Kakamega.

Others meanwhile made fun of his 'Kizungu' and corrected him like meticulous standard 6 English teachers.

Read some of those comments below;

Alvo@hamtoshikamwe· Haiombwi hivyo wewe! - Kuna dame alijitokeza umuoe ukalenga kumbe ni @AzziadNasenya ulikua unasalivate!

Big Homie Kikosi Kakamega is not a company that needs a brand ambassador. Haiombwangi hvo. Go direct to the point.

Profesa Muyah@ProfesaMuyah· Unataka bibi ama? Halafu it's 'There is' not 'their'. Mheshimiwa wotis?

Mr. Salasya has been in the news the past few months after it emerged that he wasn't married.

Some two ladies have already tried their luck with the always jovial MP. With one of them, Peter was very accommodative and even hosted her to a lunch date were he let her down gently.

With another, socialite Manzi Wa Nairobi, he wasn't as polite and blasted her for not dressing appropriately when she shot her 'shot'.

But is he really shooting his shot at Azziad, or is this a pure business proposal?

Only he knows but what do you think?