The 'In case you don't know' singer has reacted to the Vanessa Mdee pregnancy news
Juma Jux. The 'In case you don't know' singer has reacted to the Vanessa Mdee pregnancy news
Image: Instagram

Just hours after ex Vanessa Mdee announced that she was pregnant with her second child, Juma Jux suggested that he had something fresh.

On his Instagram, Juma Jux has alerted fans that "I'm speechless" adding "Tomorrow 10am" 

It sounds like it might be a new song, and it will be intriguing to find out what his message is this time.

While telling him that Vanessa is now content and growing her family with Rotimi, fans are claiming that he is unwilling to move on.

Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi holding their child.
Image: Instagram

Fans have noticed that Vanessa Mdee is much happier in her new relationship than she was when she was dating Juma Jux.

@FumboKhan2019·Jux kashindwa kumove on kwa Vanessa mdee.


According to some admirers, he might merely be using her good news for Pr for a new project to gain attention.

When Vanessa announced her first pregnancy in September 2021, Jux also reacted in the same manner.

Jux wrote a song for Vanessa in honor of the birth of her first child. The slow ballad, "Sina Neno," by Jux was released, and its cover art made it clear what the lyrics would be about.

Juma Jux and Vanessa Mdee.
Image: Instagram

The picture showed a woman that resembled her in black and white, cradling a growing infant, with a ring showing on her wrist. Additionally, there are scattered crimson roses.

“Mnapendana na pendo liko kasi kasi, mki postiana Instagram Status. Tulishafunika mambo ya zamani yalishapita,” Jux sings. 

The Bongo crooner expressed his love for his former Vanessa in a heart post, saying that he prays for her and her new partner and wishes them luck as they begin a family.

“Sikuchukii nakuombea, maisha mema ya furaha, Mungu aonyeshe njia, silii mimi nimezoea,” Jux belted his heart out on the track, insisting that he is happy for Mdee and has accepted that they have both moved on.

Jux and Vanessa dated on and off for six years.