Khaligraph's brother Lamaz warns Eric Omondi to leave his family out of his stunts

Eric Omondi claims he can feed Khaligraph and his whole family for five years

rapper khaligraph Jones
Internationally acclaimed Kenyan rapper khaligraph Jones
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Singer Lamaz Span, Khaligraphs brother, is not happy with Eric Omondis's attempt to try to remain relevant on the social media platform, by dragging his family's name into his business.

Apart from comedy, Eric has managed to remain relevant on social media platforms by performing crazy theatrics such as cross-dressing, insulting socialites, and making the music industry his business.

He has sparked friction among influencers and musicians for not being able to mind his business but instead following up on their lives, for no reason whatsoever.

Famous comedian Eric Omondi recently said in an interview that he is capable of feeding Khaligraph Jones, his family, and his extended family for five years even without having to go to work for a day.

Those remarks did not resonate well with Khaligraphs brother, musician Lamaz Span.

He felt that Eric had crossed his boundaries


He could not take the disrespect so he confronted Eric via an instagram post

Lamaz and Khaligraph are known to have a strong sibling bond with each other.

The musical brothers have also done a hit collaboration, Me Siogopi, produced at Blu Ink Studios by Motif.

Lamar's fans were also not pleased and went ahead to comment on the same.

Others encouraged him not to mind the comedian seek for attention.

Below here are some of those comments:

rodgersmyles: Heshima lazima idumu

_latimore254: Can’t he just wear his thongs in peace and leave people’s names out of his wide mouth???

thebeloveddrzeph: Let squirrels do their thing. You have built it ground up. Your hustle has inspired so many of us

Khaligraph Jones, the king of disses, has not yet said a word ever since.

It is unlike him to stay for long before he replies to someone who messes with him.

Who knows maybe he is currently in studio preparing a hot diss track for the comedian.