Khloe Kardashian upset with Tristan after helpful gesture

The couple broke up due to Tristan's multiple infidelity cases

refused Tristan to pay for their daughters birthday party
Khloe Kardashian refused Tristan to pay for their daughters birthday party
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Reality TV star/ entrepreneur Khloe Kardashian has publicly made it clear that she expects nothing from baby daddy Tristan Thompson, not even his help with organizing their soon to be 4-year-olds birthday party.

True's birthday was a magical party with hundreds of pastel pink, baby blue and other bright coloured balloons as well as candy, cake and games for the kids.

But it turns out her mom Khloe feels like her dad Tristan has let her down enough times so her ideology at the moment is basically, "Thanks but no thanks,Tristan."


During their latest episode of their family TV drama, The Kardashians, Khloe is seen throwing a huge birthday bash for her daughter True Thompson.

The family is having fun when her mom Kris Jenner pulls Khloe aside to let her know that her baby daddy Tristan had eventually paid for the whole party behind her back.

And in that minute Khloe gets livid.


She basically wasn't having it and was upset with the idea and deceit. 

She also made it clear that she'd be paying for the entire shindig all by herself.

Talking to her mom the mother of two said, "No, he's not taking care of the whole party."

Khloe Kardashian with her daughter True Thompson
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Kris however thought it was a cute gesture from the NBA player. She actually defended Tristan, and insisted Khloe should let him pay but after a little back and forth Khloe still wasn't budging she clearly said, "That's nice, but I won't let that happen."

I'm sort of confused how did Tristan pay for things without Khloe knowing and secondly if he already paid was she going to ask the decor team and caterers to return his money then take hers?

Honestly that was confusing.


In her confessional, she said, "I work really hard to do elaborate things for True and I don't need anyone's help."

It doesn't matter who eventually paid the bill because all that mattered is that True seemed to greatly enjoy her big day.

Her dad was not at the party though because he apparently had a game on the set date.

Khloe and Tristan were on and off for a while before finally calling it quits over Tristan's multiple infidelity cases.

The two have two kids together, 4-year-old True and a baby boy whom they welcomed this year through a surrogate.

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