The content creator said that wives should allow their husbands to have two wives
Pritty Vishy. The content creator said that wives should allow their husbands to have two wives
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22-year-old digital content creator Pritty Vishy has a few words to share with people in marriages struggling with infidelity.

Her solution? Get him a second wife.

(Because men cannot be faithful even to save their own lives and as usual women need to bend and conform to their ways for their comfort, lol.)

Sharing what she termed as advice, Vishy asked women not to entertain cheating as it'll never end and instead they should just bring in a new lady for him.


Honestly why do people thinking getting a second wife helps? A cheater is a cheater.

Vishy wrote, "My advice to all married women, don't entertain a cheating husband because he will do it over and over again...

Instead help him find a second wife because huku inje wanawake si wazuri sana wamebeba kamdudu."


She went on to quote the bible in a bid to sell her narrative of why second wives are important.

"And remember the bible says although sijui ni kitabu gani when you sleep with a thief you become a thief.

Meaning they exchange the souls or something then Ana rudi kulala na wewe.

Wueh ...I might be young and not Married but note this." Finished off Vishy.

Pritty Vishy
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Netizens did not seem to agree with her at all with most mocking her for assuming that she could dish out advice yet she was still in her early 20's.

Below are some of the comments:

tbaby721: 20yr old girl advicing married women will you keep quiet you have a long way to go😂😂

lynecarole3:The same Bible says second wife's are cursed. Be careful when running into other people's marriages 🚮

makena_254:No second wife or cheating because even the bible haikubalii yote

mykeleacky: Stupidity of high class how can you advice married women when you had more than 5 failed relationships that's madness

tamara55500:Bibi ni wa kwanza siku zote.bibi wa pili ni umalaya

makamalachi: In whose hands are we safe😂

Pritty had in a previous interview claimed that she first got married in class 7, and when her mum found out, she took her to a boarding school.

After completing her primary studies, she joined a day school, and in form one, she got married again, and it didn't work out.

In form two, she thought it wise to give it another shot but it didn't work out as well.

What is your take on this? Would you allow your husband to get a second wife?

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