Rapudo gifts Amber Ray Sh 220k gift on her birthday

The entrepreneur went all out celebrating his bae
Amber Ray with Kennedy Rapudo. The entrepreneur went all out celebrating his bae
Image: Instagram

Entrepreneur Kennedy Rapudo had a ton of romantic plans to ring in his bae Amber Ray getting a year older.

Kennedy went all out to display his love for Amber while making it plain that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her by posting a video of the adorable birthday setup that he had put together for her.

"Happy birthday to my soul mate, my partner in crime, and my best friend. May we always see the sunrise and sunset together! Happy birthday Her grace. I love you," penned the father of two.


Amber re-posted the tender message to show her hubby how much she also cared. "Thank you, my life's grace. Love to you," Amber penned the letter and added several love emojis to it.

Kennedy also took the time to tiPhone 14 pro maxell Amber how amazing she was in her response to her post.


"Happy birthday to you! Keep on shining like the STAR you are and never let anyone dim the light of your eyes," wrote Kennedy as he accompanied the message with a love heart emoji.


Amber's name was written on the floor with rose petals, and next to it was a large arrangement of red roses, with candles arranged in a straight line across the name.

They had candles and rose petals on their table as well. Amber posted a video of her receiving a large red package with rose petals inside that contained a brand-new iPhone 14 pro max after supper.

Amber Ray showing off her new iPhone.
Image: Instagram

Kennedy went above and beyond to show his girlfriend all kinds of affection.

Amber simply added the word "Speechless" and the crying emoticon. Because there is an entire shamba, I would also be speechless.

I also want to be holding a piece of land in my hands while I'm out and about.

After dinner, the two headed out with a select group of pals for drinks and enjoyment.

Amber shared a view of their table and her adorably adorable red and gold birthday cake with them.

The businessman celebrated his bae's birthday in an elaborate display
Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray. The businessman celebrated his bae's birthday in an elaborate display
Image: Instagram

Amber had planned an invite-only birthday celebration in Machakos with a pastel pink theme before getting back together with Kennedy, but the event was postponed, much to the displeasure of some of her friends like Oga Obinna.


Amber shared the news of her birthday's postponement by reading a text the socialite had sent him.

"Since I stopped being a lone walker the grace in my life has other plans, thus I'm canceling my birthday party for a more fulfilling reality,” read the disappointing note.