"Sikuweka ndio uipende!" Jackie Matubia blasts netizen

The netizen had voiced their displeasure with Jackie getting a tongue piercing

claps back at a netizen
Jackie Matubia. claps back at a netizen
Image: Instagram

Actress/ digital content creator Jackie Matuba is all smiles and love when it comes to her page.

However that doesn't mean that her claws don't come out when she feels aggrieved.

Recently she shared a video of herself doing a makeup transition and it, she was all gassed herself up over how the color orange had her feeling all gorgeous.


Fans and friends alike took to the comment section to compliment her but one user felt that minus the gorgeous look they had to mention what they termed as Jackie's "shortcoming".


The Instagram user identified as msiburu took to the comment section to share her two cents on Jackie's latest jewel, her tongue piercing.


She wrote, "Kutoboa tu ulimi ndio kitu sijawai penda kwako." (You piercing your tongue is the only thing that I have never liked about you)

The mom of two has blasted a netizen for criticizing her
Jackie Matubia. The mom of two has blasted a netizen for criticizing her
Image: Instagram

The mother of two was however not having it with the netizen.


Responding to the comment, Jackie came to set the record straight that she does not do anything for human validation.


"Na sikuweka ndio uipende!" ( And I did not get the piercing so that you can love it!) The first part of Jackie's comeback read.

She went on to add that it was her life and she could do as she pleases, reminding the netizens to worry about her own.

"Maisha ni yangu dada!!! Kondeshwa na zako." (It is my life sister, focus on your own!) the actress bellowed.

Jackie has had fair share of cyber bullying with one person even calling her a beast due to the baby fat she gained while pregnant.

From her response above you can see that she has grown a thick skin and knows how to clap back appropriately.

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