She has apologized for wearing an unironed suit.
She has apologized for wearing an unironed suit.

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has expressed regret after receiving backlash for wearing a skirt that wasn't ironed while out in public.

Ndeti was addressing Kenyans during her birthday.

Twitter users had on Tuesday called her out for the way she was dressed.

Some joked that she had employed the tailor who was sacked by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

The DP was the tail of memes over his dress during campaigns and shortly after the elections. He, however, promised to work on it.

Ndeti promised to mind her dress, adding that she is 'blundered' owing to her focus that is now on the needs of citizens.

"Lakini nyinyi wakenya, enyewe mmeniweza. One thing I now know is that you love me for being smart. Sitadissapoint tena. Nowadays I care more about your needs. Love you guys," she tweeted.

She posted several photos where she is "well dressed".

Check some of the tweets when the photos of her in the baggy suit emerged

@willis_okello: Sasa Mkamba mrembo hivi na kuvaa kama KWS ofisa ni wapi na wapi? anyway yaliondwele sipite, asante!

@ndete__: Madam can I be your new fashion stylist I promise I won't disappoint.

@Morris_kay1: I was shocked. I thought watu wamekufanya ile kitu ya photoshop. Si unajua wewe ndiye sure machakos.

@edward_mbira: Hapo ulichoma Madam, Sack that tailer & reduce salary ya mwenye hukupigia pasi! Thank me later.

@CharlesKabaiku: Hapa uko smart madam, Hiyo ingine ni kama ulitoka sleepover huko Kwa.

@lafferiere_ochi: Yaliyopita ni ndwele,Mimi ata kazi ya kupanguza tu viatu sitakataa.

@kiokinuthia1: Please usivae gunia tena nayuu aiiih mpaka tukadhani mli exchange tailors na Riggy G.

@pingache: Gachagua's stylist should be banned from providing services in Kenya for the next decade.