Eric Omondi claims Ruger ready to collabo with Stevo Simpleboy

Eric said the collabo was part of the requirements for Ruger to be able to come perform in Kenya in December

The comedian claims that Ruger will do a collabo with Simple boy
Eric Omondi. The comedian claims that Ruger will do a collabo with Simple boy
Image: Instagram

Eric Omondi has just revealed that even though Nigerian singer Ruger is coming back to Kenya for another performance barely two months after his last one, this time round the artists will be playing our tunes and not his.

Taking to his Instagram page Eric posted a video of himself in Mombasa signing papers with a lady and other gentlemen where he went on to claim that he'd come into agreement with the team bring Ruger that Kenyan artists would be headliners and not curtain raisers among other things.

"Yesterday I received a call from the Promoters that are bringing Ruger to Diani in December, we had a very long meeting and agreed on a few Irreducible Minimums." Started off the entertainer.

For those new to the word, “irreducible minimum” is a fundamental necessity or requirement. 

In layman's tongue, an absolute necessity.

He went on to state a few pointers that he claims he and the team flying Ruger into the country had agreed on.

Not to be a negative person but I must say only two things out of the 6 stated seem true or like they'll come to pass.

He's set to perform in Kenya on the 28th of December
Nigerian artist Ruger He's set to perform in Kenya on the 28th of December
Image: Kiss FM studio

Also are people really geared up to see Ruger after his disappointing performance in Meru?

Either way, below is Eric's list: 

"1. This will be a Kenyan Event featuring Ruger

2. Kenyan Artists will headline the show as the Main Artists and not Curtain Raisers.

3. Ruger will do a single Collabo with Simple boy to Introduce him to the Nigerian Market.

4. Ruger will invite either Simple boy or Ndovu Kuu to one of his Concerts in Nigeria.

5. Simple boy will perform last as the Show Stopper of the show.

6. All Artists will be treated equally in terms of security, transportation, accommodation and backstage amenities.

These are the irreducible minimums signed and agreed with Sofire Company." Finished off Eric Omondi.

I for one I'm dying to see a Ruger ft Stevo Simple boy collaboration! Y'all cook that thing!

A month ago, the comedian was overly displeased with Ruger's performance in Meru County.

The comedian posted went on a rant on Instagram where he stated that it was shocking that a big Nigerian star was performing in an 'interior rural town'.

"Can you Imagine a Kenyan Artist performing in an interior rural town in Nigeria??? Yaani sasa wana perform mpaka ushago kwetu," he started.

The "Dior" hitmaker was flown into the country as the headliner of the Walker Town Festival organized by John Walker and the YDX agency.

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