Tanasha and Zuchu beefing? Fans speculate

The beef seems to have originated from Zuchu according to Tanzania's media platforms

The musician claps back at Zuchu for her shady attacks
Tanasha Donna. The musician claps back at Zuchu for her shady attacks
Image: Instagram

It seems Diamond's signee Zuchu is taking shots at his exes considering how close her relationship with her boss has been recently.

If this is actual shade and online beef, we're witnessing then you all better grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Barely a day after Zuchu's subliminal diss yesterday, Diamond's baby mama Tanasha Donna has come online to respond to the artist in a rather classy way.

Tanasha posted a video of herself with a simple 

She posted another video saying, "baby I'm here to remind you that you are the freaking sh*t.

Do not ever let anybody make you feel any less of a person than the queen that you are. Trust me you are inspiring and bothering people who pretend not to see.

Ignore the noise." 

The mother of one went on to ask people to learn to mute the noise and if necessary to learn to cut people off. 

"Mute a bunch of people if you have to, they're not supposed to cause you any amount of pressure. The same people who used to belittle you will be there to see your success, ignore the rubbish!" Tanasha advised.

It seems she was not entirely done as she went ahead and added another TikTok that went, "Out of all the billions and millions of people in the world you all looked at me and thought I cared? Me? Out of all of them fools?"

Tanasha Donna.
Image: Instagram

And as a final parting shot, the"Karma" hitmaker showed off her curves in a short, skin-hugging dress. And what is obviously a clap back at Zuchu's "hung'ai" diss, Tanasha soundtracked the video with Jack Harlow's song First Class which samples Fergie's Glamorous.

Tanzanian songstress, Zuchu who is currently rumoured to be dating Tanasha's baby daddy Diamond Platnumz, was thought to have thrown shots at the woman she replaced when she said, "Twajua umejikirimu lakini hung'ai."

Tanzanian blogger Zuma Udako is the one who posted the video of Zuchu dancing as she jeered along to the lyrics of the shady song and claimed that Zuchu was addressing Tanasha and another one of Diamond's exes, Hamisa Mobetto.

Tanzanians, according to a video posted by ZumaUdako on Instagram, have stated that all of this is staged to sell her new song and are unimpressed with her attacking Tanasha and Hamisa for no apparent reason.

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