Catherine Kasavuli.
Image: Instagram

Former TV anchor, Catherine Kasavuli updated her fans about her health days after she asked people to donate blood for her.

In an update on her socials, Kasavuli said that she is a strong woman - thanking people who have been praying for her.

She went on to share 7 key lessons she had learnt in the last couple of months as she battles cancer.


She encouraged her followers to always make peace with their families.

Lessons Kasavuli has learnt in the last couple of months; -

1. Your family is all you got at the end of the day, make peace with them, and try to be in good books with them. Even if you feel otherwise.

2. Always make peace with family.


3. Always depend on your Higher Power, pray for as much as you can, at least while you have the strength.

4. If you have at least 2 friends or colleagues you can always count on, appreciate them. They're very rare.

5. Don't lose hope, keep on believing, and hope courageously.

6. Love your body, treasure it.

7. Finally always do good, it will always come back to you, eventually. Thank you, good people.

Kasavuli is hospitalized at the Kenyatta National Hospital, private Wing after being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

"I know I'll fight this. I am currently getting ready for a phase two procedure," she said.

She has been at the facility since October 26, 2022. A colleague at KBC informed Kenyans of her situation.

In her recent update, the TV Queen noted that it is good to always depend on your higher power.

Adding that she has learnt that genuine friends are rare.

The KBC news anchor also told her fans that her family was working on a Paybill number they can use to help fund her medical bill. 

"To those who have been asking about a pay bill, the family is working on that, meanwhile get in touch with me via my DM, and I will respond with the family number ( Elder brother ) currently used."