Chebet Rono.
Image: Instagram

YouTuber Chebet Ronoh is one amazing woman and not only for being a fabulous brand influencer alone.

My reason for praising her as such is the impressive way she has been able to lose weight over the past year.

Just yesterday night, Chebet made a post celebrating her crazy good weight loss. Her caption which was accompanied by a before and after image read,


"Shit feels UNREAL anything is Possible. How it’s going vs how it started."

Her fans and followers instantly praised her after her post with many impressed at her mindset to stick with a regimen that had worked out for her.

In a YouTube channel she posted in September this year, the former radio host got candid about the hardships of being overweight and what finally pushed her to lose weight. 

Chebet Ronoh.
Image: Instagram

The 22-year-old said that after battling depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, losing weight was the only gift she could gift herself.

"Growing up I was always last because I never knew I was overweight. When I became aware, I became insecure. I have done everything to lose weight including starving myself. I even got acidity from taking lemon every morning.

"It was fueled by my insecurities. What jumps started my current weight loss journey is that everything around me was going wrong. I said I would dedicate three months to put my body in motion." Ronoh revealed.

She also disclosed that at some point she turned to heavy drinking, which messed up her health.

"My health was also deteriorating so I went sober for three months. Weightlifting helped me lose my very big tummy. I keep myself motivated by tracking my progress.

I deny things myself the easy things and do the hard things. The results also motivated me." the content creator said as she talked about her journey.