Juliani holding his son.
Image: Instagram

Lillian Nganga and Juliani's son, Utheri is already going out on the town with his famous parents.

The couple welcomed their son in July 2022, a few months after their private wedding.

Yesterday evening, the couple shared clips of how they spent their day together.

Lillian shared a cute video of her son strapped in a car seat, wearing a colorful romper. She accompanied the cute video with the song Bless My Son.


She also shared another one of Juliani carrying their son as he walks around with him. Later on, Juliani shared photos of him babysitting his son Utheri and captioned;

"Light of the world my little G."

When their son turned two months old, the couple went on a romantic date to celebrate the milestone.


Speaking in an interview with Mpasho, Lillian said she will not entertain anyone who trolls her child online.

Lillian added that she is ready to take action when it comes to her son.

She said she will also protect her from social media until he is old enough to understand things.

"I don't get bothered by trolls, but now that I have a child, people should not attack my child in any way," she said.

"You can attack me, you can attack the father, but my child has nothing to do with the emptiness in people's lives that they want to direct their anger, bitterness or maybe questions they have about my life and my decisions [to]."

Juliani has another child, a daughter with actress Brenda Wairimu. During their dating, Juliani was very protective of his relationship and his daughter.

Until now, he has never shown the face of his firstborn daughter with Brenda.