Noti Flow comes clean on whether she got back with Alami because of pity

The rapper claims the reality is now dawning on her

Noti Flow has spoken about the health condition of her ex-lover, King Alami who suffered a fall from a highrise last month.

During a QnA with fans, she said, 

"Well at first she was very upset and sad. I'd tell her we should be glad she's alive and I love her the same. ...nothing's changed, me, she's still the coolest stud in the world and eventually, she accepted and is so positive about it and happy whenever we see each other..or talk on the phone."

Noti Flow however on her part is struggling with coming to terms with the accident


"Lately it's just hit me and I'm the one crying and hurting and wishing she's the one comforting me telling me she's ok and alive and shouldn't cry and what matters is we love each other." 


"When I'm down she lifts me up and vice versa."


When will King Alami be released?

The rapper answered,  "The doctors are saying very soon. Prolly in a few days She's recovering very fast alhamdulillahi. So it's us to clear the bill as fast as we can. If you've been meaning to contribute to her hospital bill here's your chance. The pressures on."

Noti Flow has also called for patience saying Alami will tell what exactly happened on that crazy night.

"Let's not pressure her when she comes back on social media. Not everyone is comfortable talking about such a traumatic life-changing incident." 

Another question was whether she had gotten back with Alami because she loved her or was it out of pity from the accident.

Noti Flow answered; "Coz I love her I've always gotten back with her before, nothing's changed."

Another fan wanted to know how Alami was responding to treatment.

Noti said; "She's doing great we thank God Thanks a lot for your prayers, they've all helped."

Not also revealed how many surgeries King Alami has undergone since being hospitalized; "Many. I lost count. Part of her bill has been sorted but the balance is about a million now."