65% of Rwandese women o.k with being beaten by their men

According to statistics, the women regard it as a form of punishment

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According to statistics from the Demographic and Health survey of 2020, 65% of Rwandese women are fine with their men beating them as a form of punishment.

Jeannette Bayisenge, Rwanda's minister of gender and family promotion, was in parliament on Tuesday, where she was responding to questions on family conflicts and problems affecting society.

She did not hesitate to address issues on women's and men's attitudes towards wife beating.


The politician strongly emphasized this was a mindset issue that was not easy to deal with especially since the women were in support of the notion that it is just but a form of punishment.

The Rwandan minister was discouraged and revealed that the fight against gender-based violence in the country was far from being tamed.

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The survey shows 65 percent of surveyed women said wife-beating was justified under certain circumstances.


About 18% said a wife should be beaten when she has not cooked well

31% of women said the wife can be beaten if she has an argument with her husband.

Meanwhile, 2% of surveyed men agreed a wife should be beaten when she has not cooked well while 6% said a wife should be beaten if she argues with her husband.

Another 61% of women said it was justifiable to beat a wife if she cheated on her husband while 36 percent of men agreed.

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The minister raised concerns that the rate is alarming

“You know how long we have been teaching about gender equality, this is where we are today,” Bayisenge said as quoted by The New Times.

She pointed out that the nation has to play a role in dusting off this way of thinking, especially the women

“If we still have 65 per cent of women who said they can be beaten under the said circumstances; these women are the ones who have a bigger part in educating their children.”

She further added that the country needs to employ more strategies to overturn the appalling mindset of citizens.

“I want to show you that the battle we are fighting is not as easy as we might think. Mindset does not change overnight, which hinders our many strategies,” she said.