Diana and Bahati react to hate after her viral video

Netizens have been trolling after a video of her confessing to use men for money resurfaced online

Diana and Bahati

Following Diana Marua's trending video where she opened up about being a side chick to a married man and dating men for money, the internet has been going crazy, but it seems her hubby Bahati is unfazed.

To show haters and keyboard warriors that their words had no impact in their lives and her husband was not bothered about her past she posted a photo of her and Bahati in matching fits and captioned it "Thank you for making my life beautiful." 

She accompanied the photo with a love heart emoji while the classic "You're Still the One" by Teddy Swimm played in the background.


Enyewe mambo ya Mhesh na bibi ya Mhesh ni mingi sana and we just can't deal.

And on her now trending confessional video she highlighted a post that her baby daddy shared.

Bahati wrote, "This is my wife, the one God chose for me. 


I love the way you are so genuine and I'm happy that you don't pretend to look perfect!!! 

Keep being true to yourself and to God, that is the only way you'll inspire more and more women out here. Babe, I love you and the doings of the lord in your life have just started. Be prosperous in Jesus' name. I love you, my love."

Reassuring the mother of his kids that he saw no fault in her and was going nowhere.

In the video, Diana confesses how she previously dated many men with money to make sure she had money.

"I used to date guys for money at some point in my life because I lacked. The whole of my life to a point where all I wanted was a good life."

In an explainer, Marua owned up to the video, stating that she has nothing to be ashamed of.


She explained that;'

"Fellow Women and Girls the reason I opened Up about my past in this Video is that God has lifted me as an influencer to inspire my Generation,".

Despite Knowing that the internet never forgets and the bloggers lazima waongeze Chumvi ... I did this Video Not Caring how some People will say or Judge Me (Ofcourse I should only Care about My hubby not Keyboard warriors 😉🤩❤)"

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