Anita Nderu says she wants to start giving her daughter swimming lessons at 4 months
Image: Instagram

Anita Nderu and her husband are currently enjoying a baecation at a private island in the coastal region.

While at it the content creator has been serving looks since arrival.

Just recently she took to Instagram to share a photo of her, hubby, and their barely 3-month-old daughter in the pool where she highlighted that the kid was super excited with the experience.

"Bath time was taking longer than usual."

"Lazy pool days & Kaya's first time in a pool😃 " started off the fashionable content creator. 

In her forever hilarious nature the new mom went on to narrate how her daughter was super excited to be in a pool.

Anita went on to add that she and her hubby had decided they will start giving their daughter actual swimming lessons once she clocks 4 months.

Kaya is currently 2 and a half months old.

Talking about Kaya's experience in the water Anita wrote, "she just thought we bought a really massive bathtub and bath time was taking longer than usual😁'

The award-winning media personality then highlighted that seeing their daughter in the pool and her calm reception had excited them as well.

Anita Nderu and her family

"We were so excited though! We'll definitely start her on swimming lessons once she clocks for 4 months. 

I love the fact that the water is warm too, I chilled here all day!" Finished off Anita.

It seems most new parents are embracing teaching their kids water sports at a tender age. 

Just three weeks ago celebrated actor/comedian Pascal Tokodi and his wife media personality Grace Ekirapa took to social media to show off their 6-month-old daughter's swimming skills. 

The celebrity couple who welcomed their baby on April 25, 2022, shared a video of the little one enjoying herself in the water as she took swimming lessons from her proud father.

In the swimming video posted by Grace on her Instagram page, Jasmine can be seen excitedly enjoying the water in the baby pool with her father repeatedly calling to her in the same sense one teaches a toddler how to walk. 

Jasmine is comfortably seated on her swimming tube splashing water with her tiny hands.

Grace can be heard excitedly going, "she is actually doing it! Good job mama... yooh she is moving, and she loves it."

She then goes ahead to encourage the young one to flap her hands more in the water as Pascal calls unto her.

"We officially have a swimmer." Grace captioned the video.

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