Azziad addresses claims she bought her Diploma

The famous tiktoker calls out to her haters for rogue comments on attaining her diploma

Famous TikToker and entrepreneur, Azziad Nasenya, has called out haters claiming she did not graduate.

Azziad took to social media, via her Instastories speaking of her immense joy at her graduation ceremony that happened virtually on Wednesday.

She is a media graduate from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and has attained a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism.


Word on the street is that she purchased the diploma award and was involved in exam irregularities to achieve her victory.


This is because she has been really active in the entertainment space and people began to raise eyebrows when she ever gets time to touch a book.

The bubbly content creator revealed that she's been attending evening classes despite her busy schedule working on radio and content creation.


“I wake up at 4 am, go to the radio station till 10 am, and between 10-3 pm I go for meetings, shoots, and content creation. I am back to class by 4 pm till 8 pm and repeat the daily routine."

excited as she graduates from KIMC
Azziad Nasenya excited as she graduates from KIMC

She says it is not possible to maneuver your way through the back door of the KIMC.

She went on to add that her zeal and determination for knowledge pushed her to pursue her course.

"It was a struggle, it was not easy especially when you have projects and exams.”

She added different people have different reasons for going to school after getting questions on why she went to school despite her having money and a job.

She then promised to continue with her studies because it promotes critical thinking and she still wants to expand her knowledge.

The content creators fans are wondering what she is doing down in South Africa
Azziad Nasenya. The content creators fans are wondering what she is doing down in South Africa
Image: Instagram

She insisted learning more grants her satisfaction, and It has all been by the grace of God.

“At the end of the day, it's all about hard work, commitment, and burning that midnight oil. Nothing comes easy. Most importantly prayer. If it was not for God, I would not be where I am today.”

She added her determination to keep going with her studies contributed to her selection as one of the ambassadors to save our future global ambassadors for education.