Eric Omondi responds to accusations launched by socialite Shakila

Eric highlighted that Shakila was lying and trying to chase clout using his name

The comedian claims Shakila is using him to chase clout
Eric Omondi. The comedian claims Shakila is using him to chase clout
Image: Instagram

Self-appointed President of comedy Eric Omondi has come out to set the record straight and dispel the rumours socialite Shakila has been spreading online.

Talking about all the accusations launched at him, Eric claimed that Shakila was lying.

"Season one no one was paid and that was public knowledge, the girls all knew that. 

Just as Shakila said that was a platform kila mtu ajitume mwenyewe because I was also spending a lot from my pockets for the production," started off the comedian.

On the other claim that Shakila had raised, Eric claimed the socialite was lying.

"Divalicious everyone was paid. I paid her 18 thousand Kenyan shillings in cash!" Eric Omondi said with conviction.

Eric added that everyone who participated in his show was actually well-catered for.

He went on to highlight that Shakila had lied about him sleeping with anyone at his Wife Material show, from season 1 to season 4 maintaining that he had no physical intimacy with the girls as he tried to maintain a conducive environment for the participants.

Kenyan socialite Shakila is attacking Eric Omondi for using her and failing to pay her
Image: Instagram

Finishing off Eric went on to add that the socialite is the one who'd been chasing after him and is now changing the narrative.

"Uwongo, hiyo ni uwongo. Shakila in the house had a lot of bad manners. You can ask all the other girls from the show, she really had no manners and she used to chase me.

Alikuwa ananifuata sana, alikuwa ananitaka alafu sasa ana twist the entire story and changing the narrative," Eric revealead.

He also made it clear that he'd paid Shakila and doesn't know why she was making noise using his name. 

The socialite had accused Eric Omondi of using her and failing to pay her on several instances.

"I and Eric do not speak anymore, there were some issues that happened between us.

Basically, this is because every time Eric wanted to do an advert, when Eric wanted to do a video he'd call me, for instance, Wife Material we had so many fights...

For me, Eric has used me a lot and I'm just over it. Even for the show Divalicious he was paid almost 150 thousand and he called me and we planned it and I hooked him up with my hairstylist and make-up artist. So at around 8, I called him and I'm like where is my cut, where is the money we agreed on?

He told me, wait I'm having shows but I'll send you money later on. Two weeks later still nothing, I called him and asked dude where is my cash? And from then on he's been ignoring me." Shakila narrated.

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