Willy Paul and Jovial address break up rumours

The two have not been seen together or had any social media presence after releasing their song together

The two have confirmed they're still an item
Kenyan singers Willy Paul and Jovial The two have confirmed they're still an item
Image: Instagram

Kenyan artists Willy Paul and Jovial have come out to silence haters who think their relationship was fake or the two are no longer together.

This is after a fan speculated that Willy Paul had used Jovial and then ran for the hills just like Murife.

"Willy Paul aliuma miauss kisha aka enda kimurife," wrote the Instagram user identified as Ian.

Replying to the comment an exasperated Jovial asked the netizen to continue harbouring such stupid thoughts because after all, every village needs a fool.

"Endelea kuwa mjinga wa jamii!" Wrote Jovial indicating either she and Pozze were still very much together or either they were not yet intimate. 

Willy Paul, however, who is known for not mincing his words quipped in the matter to dispel any negative thoughts that people might have regarding his relationship with Jovial.

Responding to Jovial's comment, the "Lalala" hitmaker wrote, "babe mwambie bado niko na hatuachani anytime soon (tell him I'm still around and we're not breaking up any time soon) 

It seems as if the two were not clout-chasing and are indeed together.

However, a few things have been amiss. From them not being seen together anymore or posting pictures to Willy Paul's recent posts.

For example, 5 days ago Willy Paul posted a video of himself showing off his smile, fresh cut, and outfit while playfully winking at the camera.

He captioned the video, "ili kupata boyfriend handsome na mwenye talanta kama mimi tuma DM, jaribu bahati yako leo. Usingoje kesho."

Just after he'd posted another video of him showing off in a suit.

"It's Friday. Ladies come chill with this flamboyant man, let me buy you dinner and a few bottles tonight then give you a few coins to take home. Hit my DM," Pozze captioned the video.

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