Kambua introduces new born daughter to netizens (Video)

The musician shared her daughters name as she mused over how perfect the little one was

Kambua. She has introduced her new born daughter Nathalie Nyacira.

TV host/gospel musician Kambua has finally unveiled the face of her new born.

Taking to her Instagram page the artist shared a beautiful and emotional video of her lying down with the tiny human wrapped in a mustard baby wrap placed lightly on her shoulder as she hugged her.

Kambua also shared behind the scene videos of her baby bump where the baby could be seen kicking as well as how her baby shower/ gender reveal party went down.

The video also captured beautiful moments of the young one sleeping peacefully. As it ended with a photo of her and her first born son holding hands while she cradled the baby.

Kambu while introducing her latest blessing to the public captioned the beautiful video,

"Nathalie Nyacira Muthiga Mathu. Most beautiful little girl I have laid my eyes on, with a gentle spirit to match.

The last couple of months have been so precious with you, my rainbow ๐ŸŒˆ.

It is truly an honour being your mama. My God- my great and exceeding compensation; thank you for blessing us.

God of Kambua, thank you for remaining true to who you are. Kwa Yale yote umetenda niruhusu nitoe shukurani ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿ–ค"

Kambua and her husband, Pastor Jackson Mathu, welcomed their first child, Nathaniel Muhoro Mathu, in 2019 after struggling to conceive for close to seven years.

"I've been around long enough and been through enough to know that pregnancy journeys are not perfect- far from it.

They are messy, hope-filled, scary, joyful, and just very... complicated.

I also know that for waiting wombs, pregnancy announcements can be serious triggers. I have lived it- how you just want to be so happy for others but somehow your own grief and struggle overwhelms you,"she wrote.

The two lost their second born child little Malachi shortly after he was born.

Yesterday while sharing photos of her third baby bump Kambua mused over how the photo reminded her of when she lost her second child.

According to Kambua, seeing her baby die without anything to save his life broke her heart.

"A little over a year ago I held my precious baby boy in my arms as his little body grew cold. 

I was engulfed in a thick, thick darkness. I got to know heartbreak like I never knew possible. But God," wrote the artist as she thanked God for blessing her with another child after the heartbreak she went through.

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