Elsa Majimbo featured on Forbes 30 under 30

This is the 3rd time the 21-year-old is getting featured on the International magazine

Elsa majimbo featured on Forbes 30 under 30
image: Courtesy Elsa majimbo featured on Forbes 30 under 30

Kenyan content creator Elsa Majimbo has been a force to reckon with ever since she broke into the limelight.

She's been making serious waves and her light hasn't gone unrecognized.

Elsa has been named among the 12th annual Forbes top 30 under 30 most influential people of 2023, special category: youngest.

Sharing the news on her Instagram page, the 21-year-old shared a screenshot she had taken from Forbes's official page announcing her as she gushed over how excited she was.

"30 under 30 Boyyy!!! Can't stop the Elsa train. Thank you, Forbes," Elsa captioned the post that she also shared on her insta stories.

Sharing on her Twitter page she wrote, "Woke up being on Forbes list. I'm crying because I keep being blessed and successful... anyway #Grateful." 

The comedian made it to number 21 in the list which featured other prominent people like Hailey Bieber, Sydney Sweeny, and Joel Embiid.

"The young leaders and entrepreneurs on our 12th annual Forbes 30 Under 30 list provide plenty of reason to believe that tomorrow will be brighter than today," A statement from Forbes in regard to the people listed reads.

Elsa dropped out of college to purse comedy full term after her peak success during the pandemic period.

has been named in Forbes top 30 under 30
Content creator Elsa Majimbo has been named in Forbes top 30 under 30
Image: Instagram

She found fame by capitalizing on TikTok through short skits and parodies of her indulgent lazy life.

This is not the first time Elsa has been featured on Forbes though.

She was first featured in Forbes magazine back in 2020 in an article titled: The Real Queen's Gambit. They did an explainer of who she was and how she rose to fame.

She also got featured on the inaugural Forbes Top Creators list this year. She was ranked no.49.

Elsa also won E! People's Choice Award.

Forbes 30 Under 30 is a set of lists of people under 30 years old issued annually by Forbes magazine and some of its regional editions.

The American lists recognize 600 business and industry figures, with 30 selected in twenty industries each.

Asia and Europe also each have ten categories for a total of 300 each, while Africa has a single list of 30 people.

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